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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:09 pm    Post subject: Wrath Of The Gods Torrent

Wrath Of The Gods Torrent

Glaber is confident that Spartacus' band can be starved on Mount Vesuvius after a daring attempt to break out fails. After Lucretia attempts to discredit Ashur, Glaber decides instead of an execution to sent him as envoy to ask Spartacus's extradition in exchange for his men's lives, but they refuse and Naevia insists to kill her rapist-pimp in an unfair duel. Ilythia delivers her son early, but Lucretia is madly jealous enough to turn that into fatal tragedy. Spartacus finds a way around so he and three mates can climb down with vines to surprise Glaber and turn the ballista on the Romans, who scatter after the praetor is killed.
Spartacus and a few surviving people are trapped on top of the Vesuvius volcano. Glaber and Ashur guard the entrance.
SO this is the last episode of the Season 2 and this is how it all ends. The justice treats to everyone. Spartacus and few surviving people are trapped on top of the Vesuvius volcano. Cut off from food and supplies. Glaber and Ashur guards the entrance. This starts off with the death of Mira and Spartacus seeking revenge on her death. By the hands of Navia Ashur get killed and Spartacus plans on a suicide mission on flanking Glaber's troops. They climb down the volcano using ropes and use the Roman catapults to flank the roman troops. This leads Spartacus, Crixus, Ganicus and Agron to a face to face combat with Glaber and the troops. In this fight Doctore get killed by the Egyptian. At the end of the fight roman troops retreat to the temple and again Spartacus flanks the temple. Meanwhile Lucretia steels Ilithiyas new born son and jump off the cliff to suicide. After a huge fight Spartacus kills Glaber by sinking his sword down glabers throat. This ends the Stroy and WOW what an end to this amazing drama!! Nothing else to ask from the director. This is how it should end. 2 thumbs up!!
Only this series could get away with endless bloody action from start to finish while still sustaining the core principles of why it is all happening. In a cheap movie this would be seen as just a cheap attempt to grab attention whatever the plot. In Spartacus: Blood and Sand: Wrath of the Gods it is deserving as many key characters are slain for reasons known to anyone who has viewed season 2. We are treated to the ending of many more key characters than most series would offer with twists that surprise even if all alone we suspected as much.

Thumbs up. The director must show the cunning and strategic mind of Spartacus throughout Season 3 but I think we should also see the new addition of a split story line, based on current slaves to be released later, so that the viewer can be strongly reminded of the freedom being fought for.


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